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BNP Paribas’ comprehensive financing solutions offer a simple and flexible means to optimize your portfolio strategies. Expand, diversify or adjust the risk profile of a portfolio under the umbrella of a global bank with a $2.9 trillion* balance sheet and industry-leading credit rating. BNP Paribas’ financing solutions team drives innovation through a strong focus on regulatory, risk and trading issues, reacting efficiently to developments within the business environment, and making sure that you stay ahead of the game.
Traditional Prime Brokerage
  • Reg. T and Arranged Financing
  • All BNP Paribas custody and financing entities have the parental guarantee of BNP Paribas SA, an A+/A2/A+ credit-rated counterparty*
  • Enhanced financing levels through a capital-efficient margin structure
Equity Swaps, Portfolio Swaps and Contract for Difference**
  • Customized basket swaps
Customized Financing Solutions
  • Innovative financing solutions tailored to clients' risk and regulatory constraints
  • Letters of credit, non-recourse loan structures
VaR and Rules-Based Margining
  • Optimize collateral according to portfolio characteristics
* As of October 2012
**Contract for Difference Non-U.S. Persons Only