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Global Securities Lending

Global Securities Lending prides itself on its world-class capabilities. We differentiate ourselves via a deep-bench of relationships on both sides of the street, a strong focus on automation, and a results-driven approach.

Our proprietary software is accessible over a secure internet connection and will automatically confirm availability, allowing quick and efficient execution. More than 80% of our daily borrow requirements are filled and booked automatically, allowing our team to focus on the hard-to-borrow names, and serve you better.

  • Highly competitive rates on hard-to-borrow names
  • Sizeable exclusive and internal portfolios to draw from, along with over 250 lending relationships in the Americas, Europe, and Asia
  • $30 Bn global matched book, leveraging BNP Paribas’ ~ $2.9 Trillion A+/A2/A+ balance sheet*
  • Exclusive portfolio bid capabilities
  • Access to BNP Paribas internal domestic and international supply
  • Daily information flow: valuable market color and insight into various trading strategies & market events
  • More than 30 client-facing professionals covering the US, over 30 traders in Europe and Asia

* As of October 2012